Photo Essay

North End is a neighbourhood of Boston, Masschusetts, United States. It is also known as “Boston’s Little Italy” with a wide variety of Italian restaurants, cafes and an Italian-like feel. It is bordered by Commercial and Causeway Streets and Atlantic Avenue with the Freedom Trail in the middle of the neighbourhood.

I chose to work on North End neighbourhood for my final project because of its unique vibe. The architecture as well as the atmosphere feels different from what it feels like back home in Singapore. Throughout my trips in North End, I met many interesting people and had lots of fun.

While I was having my lunch at Rose Kennedy Greenway, I met Del and Jan who were Canadian Tourist in their 60s. It was funny how we were all having cannoli from Mike’s pastry. We had a long chat and an enjoyable break under the shades. Nico and Vera were street performers along the freedom trail and they are were really approachable. Especially Vera as she is treating this as her hobby to promote glass harmonica as well as to share the joy of it to people all over the world. It is delightful whenever she ask people “where are you from?” and plays the country’s national anthem for them. At the edge of North End, I pass by Andrew P. Puopolo. Junior Athletic Field and Elliot Upper School was having their sports day. I tried to take some photos but was rejected. However, the teachers told me to take photos of them instead! That was really sweet of them. It was unfortunate that I didn’t get their names.

Overall, the Italian neighbourhood was awesome with the amazing food and people. Depending on the days you visit, it can be crowded with tourist. It was an amazing experience and a really cool place to be. I had a really great time exploring North End along with my partner Iris.